Through this crisis, British Columbians have shown what we can do when we all come together. But this crisis has also exposed the deep gaps left by years of cuts. We can't afford to go back to where we were and continue to let working people fall through the cracks.

Today, our province is at a crossroads and we have a choice to make. Bouncing back must be more than just recovery. This is our chance to create the future BC deserves. If we come together we can rebuild our economy so that it actually works for all of us.

This includes:

  1. An economy that puts working people first: with measures like tougher rules for worker safety, improving workers’ compensation, protecting workers in the gig economy, job-protected sick leave and skills upgrading
  2. Universal, comprehensive health care for all: universal public dental care and pharmacare, improved access to mental health services, and quality long-term care for all British Columbians who need it
  3. Strengthening the services families count on: affordable public child care, investing in transit, expanding access to post-secondary education
  4. Building inclusive communities: ending arbitrary police checks and increasing the number of women and Indigenous workers in trades using Community Benefit Agreements