Our province is at a crossroads and we have a choice to make. This is our chance to create the future BC deserves, but only if we all cast our ballots for a Future for All.

Voting by mail is a great option to do this if you don’t feel comfortable voting in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s everything you need to know about applying for a vote-by-mail package and filling out your ballot:

  1. Click here to request your vote-by-mail package online before October 17 (you can still request a vote-by-mail package after this date in person at an Elections BC office or voting location). 
  2. If you register after October 2nd, you will receive a regular ballot with a list of candidates. Mark your ballot with an X in the circle next to your candidate of choice. (If you registered earlier and have a write-in ballot, write the name of your preferred candidate OR political party in the empty box).
  3. Fold your ballot, put it in the secrecy sleeve and put this into the certification envelope.
  4. Sign the certification envelope and print your date of birth to confirm your identity - if you don't do this, your vote will not be counted!
  5. Put your signed certification envelope (with your completed ballot inside) inside the return envelope.
  6. Put your return envelope in the mail (no postage required if mailed in Canada) or drop it off at any Elections BC office, voting location or participating Service BC location.
  7. Mail your ballot as soon as you can to ensure it reaches Elections BC before 8pm on October 24.

Translated voter information materials in multiple languages including a guide to voting by mail can also be found here.

If you require further assistance, contact Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 or visit the Elections BC website.