In 2005, 24-year old Grant De Patie was working alone as a gas station attendant and was killed in a gas and dash incident. This tragedy showed that workers being alone at work at night were at a greater risk of violence. A law bearing Grant's name was put in place to better protect vulnerable workers.

But in April 2012, the BC Liberal government caved to pressure from "big money" companies, weakening the legislation and reversing worker protections. Ever since, the BC Federation of Labour’s Young Workers’ Committee has been asking for the full reinstatement of “Grant’s Law.”
Sign up if you believe vulnerable workers should be kept safe!

You are calling on the BC NDP Government and the Workers' Compensation Board to reinstate the full force of Grant’s Law. You are asking that all Employers have two people working between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 am, or if not, that they have a protective barrier between the worker and the customer to help keep them safe.

Let's keep vulnerable night shift workers safe at all times!